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Writing from my heart to yours...

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Out of the Ordinary

This candid recounting of the author’s life from childhood to her senior years will keep you engaged You will often relate to her struggles, grappling with inner conflicts and growth and identify with the changes and decisions she needed to make.


Not Easily Broken

A young woman is forced to break her engagement to marry her brother-in-law when her sister dies in childbirth. Ellie faces her lift with courage and triumph.


Not Far from the Tree

The story of Ellie’s daughter who, like her mother lives courageously through the war years and depression while raising a large family. 

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Chains of Shame

Chain of Shame deals with the very sensitive yet largely ignored subject of husband abuse.  Walk with Ben and Alma as they explore the intricate, twisting trek toward change and be surprised  with them both rewards and challenges that occur along the way.

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Good Grief People

Easing the sting of death by recognizing and respecting the individuality of grief and the reality of hope.


Alan Anderson, Glynis M. Belec,

Barbara Heagy, Donna Man,

Ruth Smith Meyer, Carolyn Wilker, Angel Hope Publishing

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Tyson's Sad Bad Day

We often say words fail us at a time of loss. This is especially true for our little ones.Children often have difficulty even identifying their feelings when someone close dies, let alone finding words to convey them. But the feelings are there, and children need to process them in much the same way as adults do. They need to “talk it out”.

The Hot Apple Cider Books

They are jam-packed with inspirational stories that will warm and inspire hearts.
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A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider,

That’s Life Communications

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A Taste of Hot Apple Cider,

That’s Life Communications

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Hot Apple Cider with Cinnamon, 

That’s Life Communications

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Hot Apple Cider for Christmas,

That’s Life Communications


Christmas Stories and More, 

Inscribe Press

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Grandmas’ Necklace

Compiled by Patricia Elford for aid of Stephen Lewis foundation

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Fifty Shades of Grace

Stories of Inspiration and Promise, 

Herald Press

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Tall Tales and Short Stories

Edited by Steve Van Bakel, Tall Tales Press

Send a message in Contact if you would like to purchase the last four books

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