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Sailing Woes

Peace in the Pandemic

The wind was gently blowing,

The sails were billowing full

My ship sailed smoothly on

Toward the distant goal.

Then came a sudden change

Uneasy thoughts of gale.

Will waves grow vast

The storm ‘gainst us prevail ?

But the wind, in isolation,

Had left its vital role,

The sails? They hang inactive.

There is no protocol.

The storm seems all around me

Many have felt the toll,

My usual plan of action

Finds no functional role.

A dire sense of disquiet,

In a hurting universe,

It’s time to let a higher power

My uneasiness disperse.

“Rest in me my child dear,

My peace to you I send

Though you don’t understand,

I know beginning to the end.”

And as that night so long ago,

When his “Peace be still,” was heard

My heart finds calm and comfort,

By his love I’m reassured.

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